Please see below the answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • Why should I hire CAVALIERI DESIGNS?

    If you’d like to have a beautiful, harmonious home with an amazing WOW factor, a cohesive design from end to end that functions smartly and fits your lifestyle and personal preferences, below are more reasons to hire CAVALIERI DESIGNS

    – You will avoid costly mistakes

    – You will increase the value of your home

    – You will save yourself lots of time, effort and stress

    – CAVALIERI DESIGNS overcomes your design imbalances therefore eliminating your distress and anxiety

    – We give you a professional assessment of your space and help you plan your budget efficiently

    – We think creatively and spatially and will design an exclusive plan that you would have never imagined

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: At CAVALIERI DESIGNS, our designs enhance the everyday quality of your life by lifting your well-being so that you can create the life you most desire.

  • What does CAVALIERI DESIGNS do?

    We don't just design pretty rooms...we have a bigger vision. We enhance the everyday quality of your life.

    Cavalieri Designs enriches your life by creating luminous modern interiors, integrating the timeless principles of beauty, harmony and balance into our designs. Our exclusive process influences the ambiance and livability in your home which, in turn, lifts your sense of well-being.

  • How can CAVALIERI DESIGNS save me money?

    Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that looked great in the store but when you got it home it was too big? Did you ever paint a wall 2 or 3 times trying to find the just the right color? The truth is that by hiring a designer, you will avoid costly mistakes, save money, and he/she will help you make design decisions that will increase the value of your home. And if you’re on a limited budget, a designer knows how to get the best value for your money.

    Most importantly, hiring CAVALIERI DESIGNS will save you from the design distress you're experiencing. Isn't your well being priceless?

  • How does CAVALIERI DESIGNS define its style?

    We define our style as Classic Modern. Timeless. Warm. Livable elegance. We always consider our clients’ lifestyle and personal preferences in our designs. Modern style lovers come to us looking for:

    Mid-Century Modern – Iconic modern furnishings, streamlined elements from the ‘50s-60s Modern – Clean lines, light, open and uncluttered spaces, neutral tones originating from early 1900s-1970 Minimalist Modern – Less is More Scandinavian/Danish Modern – Similar to Minimalist, yet warmer, imbued with modern handcrafted wood furnishings Transitional – Taking a modern design approach to Traditional style

  • How do we get started?

    The first step to get started in the interior design process is an initial phone call with us. You can initiate this call by filling out the Contact form on our Contact page and provide some details about your upcoming project. We’ll soon contact you to schedule a phone meeting to get the ball rolling.

  • What type of projects can you do?

    Below are some examples of projects we have undertaken in the past

    – All interior design concepts and materials selections for new home construction – Interior design concepts and materials selections for partial home remodel (key rooms) and project management – Design concepts for new furniture, paint and accessories selections (multiple rooms) – Vintage furniture restoration – Sourcing authentic Mid-Century Modern and Modern one-of-a-kind furniture pieces – Space planning; furniture placement concepts – Furnishings and décor styling – Art selection

  • How does hiring CAVALIERI DESIGNS work?

    Step 1 – Initial phone conversation as introduction to get overview of project and determine if the project may be a good fit for designer and prospect

    Step 2 – Meet & Greet presentation either in person or via Zoom to learn more details about project and present information about Cavalieri Designs to determine if there is agreement to move forward. If so...

    Step 3 – On-Site Visit to gather project information such as measurements, specific project requirements

    Step 4 – We prepare project Scope of Work

    Step 5 – Present Scope of Work and Project Proposal to Prospective Client

  • How much will an interior design project cost?

    Each project is priced on a flat fee basis and is calculated including the following elements:

    – The scale of the project (i.e., square feet of project space, number of rooms) – The type of project – Remodel? New construction? Furnishings/décor only? – How much time will it take? – Designer’s fee – the professional fee paid for the designer’s time/expertise – Materials/Merchandise costs – based on project requirements

    Our Flat Fee Pricing Model means you'll be able to budget your expenses right from project initiation with no later financial surprises. Isn't that a nice surprise?

  • What are the steps a design project goes through?

    We have a streamlined, very organized process all our design projects step through called "The 16 Steps to Harmony."

    Phase 1 - Research

    1 Meet & Greet

    2 Initial Site Visit

    3 Scope of Work Prepared and Presented

    4 Contracted Signed, Receipt of Down Payment

    5 Commencement of Project

    6 Client Interviews

    Phase 2 - Development

    7 Trade Day (on site meeting with contractors, getting bids, etc)

    8 CAD development (if needed), sourcing materials, furnishings, finishes

    9 Presentation of Design including estimated budget and timeline

    10 Revisions, if any and Final Approval

    Phase 3 - Procurement

    11 Order placement

    12 Initiate project construction/renovation

    13 Procurement continues; order tracking/receiving; project site visits

    Phase 4 - Installation

    14 Furnishings installation and client Reveal

    15 Accessory styling

    16 Punch list resolution

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    We guarantee the quality of our design work 100% until you are completely satisfied.

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