creates midcentury modern interior designs for MCM lovers, defined by clean lines and light, uncluttered spaces.

We deliver a warm, luxurious ambiance with uncommon flair; in turn, bringing beauty and joy into your life, thus elevating your well-being.
Leading the Dallas metroplex and beyond in midcentury modern expertise.

flair & expertise

With our expertise in Interior Design, particularly Mid-Century Modern style, and decades of experience in renovation, new build and decor, we help our clients express who they truly are.

When CAVALIERI DESIGNS collaborates with you and gets to know your needs and desires, we will conceptualize a unique plan to suit your space and lifestyle that answers your wishes and requirements and overcomes the current issues causing you discomfort. When you approve our concept, we will formalize a stunning design.

CAVALIERI DESIGNS transforms your home into your sanctuary with a warm, elegant modernist vibe that enhances the quality of your life and improves your sense of well-being. Our design will reflect your lifestyle, your taste and sensibility, and your needs and preferences. Your home will finally reveal who you really are. You’ll feel contented, calm, and comfortable every day. And, most importantly, your spaces will function and flow naturally and easily.

Our design services include

  • Mid-Century Modern Expertise
  • Modern Interior Design Concepts & Space Planning
  • Furniture and Decor Selection & Purchasing
  • Renovation and New Build Consulting

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