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As a successful residential Realtor for the past 16 years,

Claire keeps a close eye on the real estate market. She knows which home improvements add the greatest long-term value (ROI) to your home. The third prong of our triple crown is her Real Estate Consulting and Sales savvy.

How does this benefit you? When you hire Claire as your designer, she is happy to determine which home improvements will be your wisest investments. You’ll benefit from another level of Claire’s expertise as a bonus service.

New Home Purchase + Remodeling

Oftentimes buyers will need to update the new home they’ve bought through Claire’s Realtor services. We’re ready to get started on planning your remodeling project even before you get the keys to your new home.

Seller Home Update

Sometimes sellers need to update their home before they sell it. Claire will design and execute any necessary remodeling project before putting the home on the market.

Home Staging as a Marketing Tool

For 15 years, home staging has been the #1 key element of Claire’s successful selling strategy. Statistics show repeatedly that a staged home sells much faster and for more money than a vacant home.

Claire offers home staging consultations to Sellers and Realtors which consists of a 1-2-hour meeting at the property where she completes:

– A thorough walk-through of the property as though she’s in the buyer’s shoes

– A review of each room in detail and suggestions for enhancement

– A review of the home’s curb appeal and suggestions for enhancement

– What to do to address the home’s target market

– What to do next

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